SEIU Convention closer/festival @ Denver Center for the Performing Arts – Starkey Productions

I am still speechless from the AWESOMENESS of this event. The crowd was from all over the country and a few from beyond the borders. They ‘wobbled’, ‘cha cha slided’ & ‘cupid shuffled’ like there was no tomorrow. And that was BEFORE the legendary DJ Spinderella [from Salt ‘n Pepa] took over the turntables…

These photos are from the setup/sound-check and early festivities; I have posted a video of the crowd doing the ‘electric slide’ in my YouTube playlist

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Still waiting to ‘really’ DJ with my iPad…

Ever since Numark first debuted their iDJ Pro controller for the iPad, I pretty much concluded that I would buy one. I already own Algoriddim’s “djay” software and have used it during critical performances, so the potential of a turntable-like controller that I can use with my iPad made this setup an no-brainer. Creating playlists on the go through my iTunes library and simply docking it into the controller at show time is an ideal situation for me.

iDJ Pro
Numark iDJ Pro | Premium DJ Controller for iPad w/ djay software

Further investigation of this setup revealed the ability to use the embedded AirPlay functionality in the iPad to run a wireless speaker setup. I was originally unimpressed by this bonus feature due to the lack of professional grade public address speaker systems that work with AirPlay without needing an extra device attached to them. That was until I discovered Alto Professional’s TrueSonic wireless PA system.

TRUESONIC Wireless speakers
Alto Professional | TRUESONIC Wireless speakers

Alto already had an iPad-docking speaker/microphone combo, but this wireless system is different. It theoretically allows the DJ to be several hundred feet away from the speakers while maintaining solid audio connection and output through wifi. The only obstacles are the typical wifi networking and interference issues that come with any event location. Proper planning and preparation should eliminate those problems.

With only speculation as my guide, I am becoming increasingly anxious to put together a DJ package that features all of this cutting-edge technology. I have not had a chance to demo the hardware and the djay software upgrade has not been released. When the iDJ Pro hits the nearest BestBuy or Guitar Center, I will be one of the first people standing in line! I am still working out the details on getting the speakers, but I already have a solid JBL/QSC system that I rely on.

My only anticipated concern is the potential difficulty of taking/planning requested songs during a gig. I don’t want to spend a lot of time tracking down a request or worrying about forgetting to play it later. I perform ‘on the fly’ and try to resist the urge to plan EVERY song in advance; the spontaneous nature of live events can spell disaster for DJs that aren’t flexible. Then again, I may just use this as my wedding ceremony rig since music in that situation is ALWAYS pre-programmed and set in stone.

Don’t be surprised when you see me rocking your event with this setup in the near future!

Mitzvah Madness… – Dance Trax Entertainment

The past few weekends have been filled with Mitzvahs. Please forgive the hiatus in posts and pics, but I try to keep the younger crowd’s faces off the Internet. I have an upcoming gig at the SEIU convention that I should be able to post, though.

Stay tuned!

TrakProDJ – Deluxe Edition > Traktor Pro Control Surface

Low Latency CoreMidi Wifi Connection (may also be used via the USB Camera Connection Kit and a compatible USB MIDI Adapter).

via TrakProDJ – Deluxe Edition > Traktor Pro Control Surface.

Time for Serato to catch up and do something for ITCH with the iPad!



I jus hope they release extended video and mp3 versions of the remix so I can play it at events!