Stern-Shenkin Wedding; Base Camp Lodge @ Granby Ranch

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Base Camp Lodge, Granby Ranch
Final setup, banquet hall reception; Base Camp Lodge, Granby Ranch
View from the patio deck; Base Camp Lodge, Granby Ranch
View from the patio deck; pre-cocktail hour setup…

Keefe-Simon Wedding; The Cable Center @ DU

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Cable Center, University of Denver
The Cable Center, on the campus of the University of Denver
Daniels Hall
The Cable Center: Daniels Hall [pre-reception setup]
Daniels Hall, post-reception setup
Daniels Hall, after reception setup; seating for 150+

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Playing around with an ‘idea’ on vjay today…

Talked with a wedding client yesterday about the similarities between Marvin Gaye’s “Give It Up” and Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”. The client requested that I mix the songs during their wedding reception to blend the old and new for their partiers.

So, to see if it would work, I played around with it on my iPad for a bit. I had to search my iPad library before loading the tracks into vjay and stumbled across The Goodmen’s track, also called “Give It Up”. The BPMs were close enough between all three songs that I felt compelled to test them all in a quick recorded mix. Since I wasn’t using my iDJ Pro controller, I wasn’t able to fine-tune the blends, but I was happy enough with the results.

Then it hit me. Why not import the mix into vjay and add video to it? That would allow me to upload the entire thing for others to enjoy!

You’re welcome…

Masuda-Zittle Wedding @ Hotel Boulderado

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Ceremony in the Mezzanine…
Reception in the Event Center…