‘Remote Pilot in Command’ services

This service is for companies or individuals who need a FAA licensed commercial sUAV pilot for short-term situations. 

Following the established Federal small unmanned aircraft regulations, I can offer myself as a ‘remote pilot in command’ and assist in keeping your flight in compliance with federal, state and local laws. Whether it is standing by as you fly for your business or flying my own UAVs for you, the end result is to have a successful and safe event.

A planning meeting, at no charge, is necessary to guarantee I follow the FAA regulations and know what’s actually going on with the proposed shoot. I will need to discuss where you’re flying, what you are flying and how you plan to fly IN ADVANCE; this is non-negotiable. 

Fees begin once all parties are onsite for the planned flight. I will provide an equipment assessment, safety review and pre-flight checklists (required). In the event your sUAV or equipment are unsuitable for the planned flight, alternative options can be discussed. I will bring my own equipment as a precaution.

The rates below are for the Denver Metro and North Metro areas (Fort Collins to Littleton, Golden/Boulder to Aurora). Beyond the metro areas, a surcharge for gas & travel time TO the location will be added. 

Remote Pilot in Command [RPIC] (not in direct control): $50/HR

Pilot in Command [PIC] (in direct control & using my own equipment): $150/HR