Hmmm, maybe 400′ is too high for this program…

Taken during a quick scouting for a paid client (St Vrain Sanitation)

No, it’s not a ‘UFO’!

AV at Altitude LLC is now offering nighttime aerial videography/photography services. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved our application for a Daylight Operations 107.29 Waiver which allows  commercial UAV activity past sunset.  We are now able to provide a wide variety of services beyond the limitations of sunlight!

From real estate to public safety, private events to municipal activities, our UAVs will now be able to capture unique imagery for our clients. Stay tuned for amazing visuals!

2241 Georgia Dr., Jefferson CO [Real Estate]

A new commercial client requested an aerial capture for 3.3 acres of property in Park County near Kenosha Pass. Absolutely amazing views…

Chapin-Nielsen Wedding (9/3/16) at Keystone Resort

This wedding celebration was literally at the TOP of Keystone Resort (Timber Ridge is at 11,000ft)! Rain delayed the ceremony, but it didn’t water down the party. Here are a few panoramic views of this lovely venue…

Van Portfliet-Vandagriff Wedding (9/10/16)

This wedding celebration was for the Vandagriff’s at the Omni Interlocken Resort. I rarely have 3hrs of dancefloor time, but this crowd literally had to be forced to stop dancing!

Another successful Dance Trax Productions event with entertainment provided by AV@Altitude!

How UAVs Can Help Your Business 

If you think aerial imagery has no potential use for your business, take a moment to look at a few examples of real-world applications. Aerial imagery is not just for pretty pictures…

Real Estate:

Golf Courses:

[This video of Augusta National Golf Course was captured on a helicopter. You can get the same, if not BETTER views with a UAV for a FRACTION OF THE COST!]