Vacation Videography

Rest & Relaxation requires rotors…

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#deBescheDayEver! 10/1/16

I had the honor of DJing for quite possibly the most foul-mouthed couple I have ever been hired to entertain…


I ran my camera throughout the reception and edited the footage into the following ‘film’. They didn’t have a videographer, so I hope they will accept this as my gift to them.

Congrats, David & Shayna!

.@DaftPunk featuring @Pharrell & @NileRodgers – ‘Get Lucky’ (10-Minute Remix)

Coming soon to a wedding reception/mitzvah/corporate event near you… I hope you have your most comfortable dancing shoes on!

My new fav music website: Hype Machine!

Learn to DJ #22: Digital Cratedigging Tips – YouTube.

Digital DJ Tips posted a new YouTube tutorial episode entitled “Digital Cratedigging Tips”. I had never heard of Hype Machine, but I checked it out due to their suggestion. Suffice it to say that it is now my go-to site for reviewing the latest music…

Check them out if you need to stay up on the latest or most popular music floating around!

The ‘Inaugural’ post!

After badgering my wife for a while to start posting on a semi-professional level as a hobby, it is time for me to take my own advice. I have been tweeting [or ‘retweeting’] a lot of Mac topics fairly regularly, so it isn’t a huge leap to transition to blogging. I am also trying to go easier on my non-geek friends by separating my tech posts from my more social posts; this site will be my tech-only blog. All other topics will be on my ‘other’ blog.

So- here we go…