AirMap:”Instantaneous Authorization” Coming Soon:

AirMap introduces LAANC as a crucial piece of the unmanned traffic control (UTM) puzzle: on that “can unlock the commercial drone economy, opening the airspace for business.”

Hmmm, maybe 400′ is too high for this program…

Taken during a quick scouting for a paid client (St Vrain Sanitation) “FAA Releases First Set of Maps to Ease Authorization Process”

Current maps are Class E, but new maps will be released every 56 days. NOT a replacement for authorization, but a guide for various unilateral heights the FAA is willing to grant commercial UAV pilots authorization to fly in the map areas…

Fly & Upload with the New DroneBase Pilot App

One of my (many) ‘side jobs’ just got a little easier!

I like to fly whenever possible and never miss an opportunity to bring in some revenue in the process. Sure, most of the DroneBase panoramic work is not guaranteed to earn money, but it is practice for potential client jobs [DroneBase or self-generated]. No matter how you view the business model, the new app design will help reduce the amount of effort used to complete the panoramic work!

Now if I could only get the new DJI firmware to cooperate with the new DroneBase app…

Source: Fly and Upload with the New DroneBase Pilot App

No, it’s not a ‘UFO’!

AV at Altitude LLC is now offering nighttime aerial videography/photography services. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved our application for a Daylight Operations 107.29 Waiver which allows  commercial UAV activity past sunset.  We are now able to provide a wide variety of services beyond the limitations of sunlight!

From real estate to public safety, private events to municipal activities, our UAVs will now be able to capture unique imagery for our clients. Stay tuned for amazing visuals!