Wedding @ Noah’s Event Center – Westminster

I am posting these pics to highlight the compact/clean nature of my setup. You don’t see cables running everywhere or even notice the subwoofer. The LED lights on my speaker stands belong to me and are programmable, while the extra light tree belongs to Sounds of the Rockies [part of their extended package].

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Wedding @ Denver Art Museum – Dance Trax Entertainment

A modest, yet stylish and trendy venue for an amazing couple and crowd!

Mitzvah Madness… – Dance Trax Entertainment

The past few weekends have been filled with Mitzvahs. Please forgive the hiatus in posts and pics, but I try to keep the younger crowd’s faces off the Internet. I have an upcoming gig at the SEIU convention that I should be able to post, though.

Stay tuned!

Beckett Bat Mitzvah @ Infinity Park Events Center – Dance Trax Entertainment

An enjoyable and informative event; the theme was important/successful/inspirational Jewish women in history. LOTS of vendors in attendance; barely any room for me! This was a Dance Trax Entertainment event, so there was more lighting, dancers, and an emcee involved in the festivities…

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Friedman Bar Mitzvah @ District 475 – Dance Trax Entertainment

A bar mitzvah at an art gallery- with dancers, Xbox arcades, sumo wrestling, and… yours truly!

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