11/16/17 Snyder-Edgar Wedding

Lionsgate Event Center: The Dove House

Hettinger-Pruneda @ Hudson Gardens

A few quick snapshots of the wedding this weekend [8/10]. Very low-key and lots of fun. Bride is a friend of one of my booking agents…

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The large room at The Inn - Hudson Gardens
The large room at The Inn – Hudson Gardens

‘Visit Houston’ and Collinson Media & Events @ Hard Rock Cafe-Denver

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The ‘EDGE of Night’ Returns to Four Seasons/EDGE Bar tonight…

After a long hiatus due to weddings/events, I’m finally back at EDGE Bar spinning music tonight. Be sure to swing through on your way to other LoDo night spots. Relaxed atmosphere and great music guaranteed…

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend!


Polak-Faust Wedding @ Maggiano’s DTC

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Ceremony setup w/ setting for 200+...
Ceremony setup w/ setting for 200+…
Reception hall with serious room for dancing!

Tonight’s Gig is codenamed “Aqua Boogie Night”

… or, if you are familiar with P-Funk, “PsychoAlphaDiscoBetaBioAquaDoloop Revisited”!

Much like last weekend’s event [I know, I haven’t posted photos yet], this will be a wedding where I get to display the depth of my personal music library and showcase my mixing skills. The couple have expressly forbidden anything that is NOT “club-style dance music” and I have 3 hours dedicated entirely to the dance floor. To characterize my mood as ecstatic would be a huge understatement!

I will try to take a few pictures, but it may be difficult depending on where I will be setting up in the venue. It is literally an aquarium; the Denver Aquarium to be exact. Since sound travels faster and farther in water, I wonder what effects my subwoofer will have on the fish. It will be interesting to see how they react, or if they react at all.

I would have called this event ‘Underwater Rimes’ as a tribute to Digital Underground, but there won’t be much hip-hop tonight. Then again, I have a ton of dance remixes of hip-hop tracks I could play…