11/16/17 Snyder-Edgar Wedding

Lionsgate Event Center: The Dove House

Anna & Jason Lucas Wedding @ The Westin Westminster Lake House – Starkey Productions

Gorgeous venue on a lovely day!

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Jake Beaber emcee’d the event while I handled the sounds. Up-lighting & custom gobo light [couple’s name and date] were provided by ‘Swank’ as the Westin hotel’s in-house production team.

Wedding @ Noah’s Event Center – Westminster

I am posting these pics to highlight the compact/clean nature of my setup. You don’t see cables running everywhere or even notice the subwoofer. The LED lights on my speaker stands belong to me and are programmable, while the extra light tree belongs to Sounds of the Rockies [part of their extended package].

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Grand Opening @ The Stone Collection – Starkey Productions

It was sort of a ‘Cirque de Soleil’ atmosphere, but add a “Million Dollar” row of amazing granite slabs. Spectacular view from the floor for the customers. You might be able to make out the living statues that were body-painted to match some of the slabs.

I was almost two full stories above the showroom floor in the DJ booth. Yes- I had to climb the side of that thing [with my equipment]. Fortunately, I wasn’t forced to engage in any aerobatics like the entertainers seen in the video below [view the YouTube playlist if the videos don’t load properly].

Forgive the quality of the pictures; I was using my iPhone to take these.

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Gould\Carpenter Wedding @ Denver Clock Tower

A beautiful venue for the wedding of a couple of my former coworkers. Loved this place… See more photos of the famous clock tower or schedule your own event there through this link.

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Wedding @ Denver Art Museum – Dance Trax Entertainment

A modest, yet stylish and trendy venue for an amazing couple and crowd!

Mashup App | Mobile mixing for pro DJs [Waves]

Mashup App by Waves

A lot of hype to go with a steep price in comparison to most of the already established, tested & respected iPad DJ apps. The competition in this arena is fierce and I am guessing that they plan to use their name recognition to leap ahead of the pack. Unfortunately, it appears that they focused so much on being mobile that they didn’t consider making the app MIDI-compatible. That mistake gives the upper hand to apps like Algoriddim’s ‘djay’ and PCDJ’s ‘DJ Dex’.

Since there is no mentioning of the output connection method, I will assume that the standard headphone jack or Apple iOS device output connectors are needed to send the sound to club/PA systems. This isn’t a step forward in technology, it’s just more of the status quo. Bluetooth and wifi are the path to salvation for mobile DJing with an iPad.

Waves did at least try to address the cueing problem present in most iPad DJ apps by using a synching/cueing feature with an iPhone/iTouch. From what I gathered in the video [link], you would connect your headphones to the iPhone rather than trying to spilt the sound out of the iPad to the speakers AND the headphones. Sounds great in theory, but DJs will have to remember to put their iPhones into airplane mode and then re-enable wifi or bluetooth in order to avoid phone calls interrupting their monitor.

The on-board effects options definitely provide a reason to consider this app. The precise control shown in the video has me considering laying down the $40 necessary to play with these features. However, I already own no less than 8 DJing apps and I am firmly in the waiting line for Numark’s iDJ Pro controller that is specifically designed for use with the iPad and djay software.

Again, here is the video link forĀ Mashup in action w/ features list