11/16/17 Snyder-Edgar Wedding

Lionsgate Event Center: The Dove House

I’m still here, still DJing, and still stepping my tech-game up!

I know it’s been a while since I posted something. I’ve been crazy busy with work and events, but I was mainly keeping things quiet while I was pursuing the acquisition of my latest ‘baby’:



Yes- that is an iPad in the center of a DJ controller; the Numark iDJ Pro. You know, the new setup I have been blogging about like an obsessed fanboy…

Well, I own one now and I will be using it exclusively for all of my new recorded mixtapes, including video mixtapes. Stay tuned for some interesting productions!

One more thing- the new moniker is “Mr. ‘Mix-It’!” I still roll with ‘Techjitsu’, but Perfect Mix Pro needed something that tied in better with the whole brand. Besides, Mr. Mix-It truly is who I am, what I do, and how I do it!


Anna & Jason Lucas Wedding @ The Westin Westminster Lake House – Starkey Productions

Gorgeous venue on a lovely day!

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Jake Beaber emcee’d the event while I handled the sounds. Up-lighting & custom gobo light [couple’s name and date] were provided by ‘Swank’ as the Westin hotel’s in-house production team.

Wedding @ Noah’s Event Center – Westminster

I am posting these pics to highlight the compact/clean nature of my setup. You don’t see cables running everywhere or even notice the subwoofer. The LED lights on my speaker stands belong to me and are programmable, while the extra light tree belongs to Sounds of the Rockies [part of their extended package].

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Grand Opening @ The Stone Collection – Starkey Productions

It was sort of a ‘Cirque de Soleil’ atmosphere, but add a “Million Dollar” row of amazing granite slabs. Spectacular view from the floor for the customers. You might be able to make out the living statues that were body-painted to match some of the slabs.

I was almost two full stories above the showroom floor in the DJ booth. Yes- I had to climb the side of that thing [with my equipment]. Fortunately, I wasn’t forced to engage in any aerobatics like the entertainers seen in the video below [view the YouTube playlist if the videos don’t load properly].

Forgive the quality of the pictures; I was using my iPhone to take these.

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Wedding @ Denver Art Museum – Dance Trax Entertainment

A modest, yet stylish and trendy venue for an amazing couple and crowd!

My new method of finding new/popular music: Hype Machine

A popular DJ blog I subscribe to called Digital DJ Tips posted a new YouTube tutorial entitled “Digital Crate-digging Tips”. As a DJ with a full-time day job, it is almost impossible to stay up on new and popular music unless you stay attached to a radio. Radio DJs can often influence your style to the point where you lose unique ideas for mixes and miss out on non-commercial music. Commercial radio is not the only place to find popular music; however, reliable sources are hard to find.

I had never heard of Hype Machine, but I checked it out due to Digital DJ Tips’ suggestion. Suffice it to say that it is now my go-to site for reviewing the latest music. Check them out if you need to stay up on the latest or most popular music floating around!