Niwot HS Prom @ Folsom Field Clubhouse

SOTR sent me with one of their big sound packages and lights. The setup seemed massive, but it was necessary to cut through the mass of kids- the dance floor stayed packed all night. It appears that dubstep is falling out of favor with the younger crowd: only 2 requests, plus one written demand for NO MORE!


There was a sorority formal in the other club level banquet hall, but our sound left them speechless…

My new method of finding new/popular music: Hype Machine

A popular DJ blog I subscribe to called Digital DJ Tips posted a new YouTube tutorial entitled “Digital Crate-digging Tips”. As a DJ with a full-time day job, it is almost impossible to stay up on new and popular music unless you stay attached to a radio. Radio DJs can often influence your style to the point where you lose unique ideas for mixes and miss out on non-commercial music. Commercial radio is not the only place to find popular music; however, reliable sources are hard to find.

I had never heard of Hype Machine, but I checked it out due to Digital DJ Tips’ suggestion. Suffice it to say that it is now my go-to site for reviewing the latest music. Check them out if you need to stay up on the latest or most popular music floating around!

Winter ‘Semi-Formal’ @ Berthoud High School

This event was under Sounds of the Rockies. Since they have me doing school events and weddings, I try not to post photos of their events. With students being involved, I am really serious about avoiding issues with posting pics of the schools and their students. With weddings, it is more about maintaining the privacy and intimacy of the wedding day for the couple; I may take photos of the venue and setup before the event, though.

Furthermore, SOTR has me use their equipment (speakers & lights) for school which doesn’t reflect what my own typical setup is for events. I don’t want to give the perception that my personal system is larger by presenting their setup as my own. I run a very powerful and compact package, but theirs is much more involved.