Wedding @ Noah’s Event Center – Westminster

I am posting these pics to highlight the compact/clean nature of my setup. You don’t see cables running everywhere or even notice the subwoofer. The LED lights on my speaker stands belong to me and are programmable, while the extra light tree belongs to Sounds of the Rockies [part of their extended package].

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Prairie View HS Prom @ Sherman Street

A classic building for a landmark event for these kids. Rumor has it that the Sherman Street complex was one of the first buildings in Denver to have electricity. We were lucky that it was built to last; the kids put the floor to the test during the ‘stomp’ section of the Cha Cha Slide.

The crowd ranged from bachata to hip-hop, country to dubstep. At least one couple arrived by horse and carriage! The highlight of the entire night was when crowd bonded around their prom king in a truly inspirational display of friendship inclusion.

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Niwot HS Prom @ Folsom Field Clubhouse

SOTR sent me with one of their big sound packages and lights. The setup seemed massive, but it was necessary to cut through the mass of kids- the dance floor stayed packed all night. It appears that dubstep is falling out of favor with the younger crowd: only 2 requests, plus one written demand for NO MORE!


There was a sorority formal in the other club level banquet hall, but our sound left them speechless…

Winter ‘Semi-Formal’ @ Berthoud High School

This event was under Sounds of the Rockies. Since they have me doing school events and weddings, I try not to post photos of their events. With students being involved, I am really serious about avoiding issues with posting pics of the schools and their students. With weddings, it is more about maintaining the privacy and intimacy of the wedding day for the couple; I may take photos of the venue and setup before the event, though.

Furthermore, SOTR has me use their equipment (speakers & lights) for school which doesn’t reflect what my own typical setup is for events. I don’t want to give the perception that my personal system is larger by presenting their setup as my own. I run a very powerful and compact package, but theirs is much more involved.

New Year, but the same exceptional DJ service!

Welcome to the Perfect Mix Professional DJ blog.

The intent of this blog is to keep my current and future fans updated on my DJ activities and to promote my services. Though this is a ‘blog’, I am very serious about my business: DJing. I currently work for several Denver-based mobile DJ companies, but I am always available for smaller events.

I am a true DJ in every sense of the word. I don’t sit back and let a playlist automatically play the songs; I actively and carefully craft the event by selecting each song to mold the evening. One of my favorite celebrity DJs calls it ‘mood designing’. With my professional-grade DJ system and HUGE music collection, I guaranteed that I can design the perfect mood for your event.

I have been fortunate enough to DJ for nightclubs, companies, weddings, and private parties across the country. Regardless of the location or celebration, I have never failed to entertain and amaze everyone in attendance. If you are serious about your musical entertainment, then I am the man for the job!
20 years of entertainment experience in radio, dance clubs and private parties
Exceptional coordination of entertainment with planners/vendors/venues
Able to match music selection to any event:
Top 40, Hip-Hop, Dance, Dubstep, Disco, Motown, “50’s”, Rock, Country, Salsa, Reggae, Jazz, & Lounge
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